Meghan + John ~ Downingtown PA ~ Engagement Session

I can’t wait for this wedding.  These guys are way too much fun and super easy going.  They just purchased new digs so we started there and went on to their new local park!  Gotta love it when you have skies like this to play with too!  Hope you guys love these!  Thanks for being awesome.

Belamorich-4-26-15-1008_Stomped- Belamorich-4-26-15-1016_Stomped- Belamorich-4-26-15-1018_Stomped- Belamorich-4-26-15-1021_Stomped- Belamorich-4-26-15-1035_Stomped- Belamorich-4-26-15-1039_Stomped- Belamorich-4-26-15-1045_Stomped- Belamorich-4-26-15-1047_Stomped- Belamorich-4-26-15-1048_Stomped- Belamorich-4-26-15-1049_Stomped- Belamorich-4-26-15-1051_Stomped- Belamorich-4-26-15-1062_Stomped- Belamorich-4-26-15-1068_Stomped-

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