The R Family ~ First Birthday and Family Portraits ~ Abington PA

Well I have photographed these guys just about more than any other client and friend.  Since their wedding way back when and everything in-between.  Always a fun time.  Love you guys and I hope you love these.

Reim-4-18-15-1002_Stomped- Reim-4-18-15-1006_Stomped- Reim-4-18-15-1010_Stomped- Reim-4-18-15-1017_Stomped- Reim-4-18-15-1026_Stomped- Reim-4-18-15-1028_Stomped- Reim-4-18-15-1034_Stomped- Reim-4-18-15-1040_Stomped- Reim-4-18-15-1042_Stomped- Reim-4-18-15-1052_Stomped- Reim-4-18-15-1054_Stomped- Reim-4-18-15-1055_Stomped- Reim-4-18-15-1059_Stomped- Reim-4-18-15-1064_Stomped- Reim-4-18-15-1069_Stomped- Reim-4-18-15-1071_Stomped-

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