Abington Children Photography ~ “C” is 4 years old!

Having children has taught me a great many things about life and my career.  It has changed the way I live, act and take pictures…  This is my oldest and she is just about to turn 4!  I can hardly even believe that!  On a regular basis she impresses me with the power of her mind and the absolute zest for life that she has!  She is passionate, intelligent, witty, sensitive, caring and flat out an amazing little  person!!  It was just beautiful in the beginning of this week…  I had someone to watch my son and I asked her if she would like to go do her 4 yr photo shoot.  She jumped up in excitement and chanted the entire way to the park that her daddy was doing a photo shoot with Just Her!  I have to say I need to spend more time with each of my kids alone.  We had the best time on this session!  She grabbed her new guitar (an early b-day gift from a good friend), her mittens and a tutu!  She really wanted to wear her ballet outfit so of course I said sure!  I’m a big believer in letting children decide what to wear when it’s a one on one session!  Well we had an amazing shoot and I thought I would share my little sunshine with you…   Enjoy…  Thanks!

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  • Collages.net Blog Stalker - November 17, 2011 - 11:54 am

    What a doll! She is so beautiful and seems to have a lot of spunk! The guitar is a wonderful prop and I can’t get over how awesome the pretty copper background looks! LOVE the last photo! The gloves are a sweet touch and add a great pop of pink!ReplyCancel