Family Portraits ~ Glen Mills PA

I have known Jay for about 10 years or so…  When he called to say his family was getting together and they wanted a big family portrait I couldn’t have been more thrilled!  It was so great to meet the rest of his family.  And A big Congratulations to him and Fred for getting engaged the following weekend!!  Turns out this was a little pre-engagment session!  Thanks again guys!  I hope you love these.

Gloede-7-12-14-1022-Edit copy Gloede-7-12-14-1009 copy Gloede-7-12-14-1026 copy Gloede-7-12-14-1029 copy Gloede-7-12-14-1030 copy Gloede-7-12-14-1036 copy Gloede-7-12-14-1030 Gloede-7-12-14-1037-Edit copy Gloede-7-12-14-1043 copy

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