Review ~ Quadra Hybrid S ~ from Elinchrom

Elinchrom Quadra Test - Gary Nevitt Photography-1054

135mm (70-200 2.8 VR2) –  Nikon D800 – 1/200 F14 100 iso

Every once in a while I get inspired by new gear!  Well new to me anyway…  These lights have been out for some time now but they just released a new version which has a slightly different battery and modeling light from what I can tell.  None of that really matters to me though…  Here’s what does matter: The light is amazingly small and portable!  In it’s bare form, it’s very light, about 7 lbs or so. 6 lbs of that weight is in the battery pack which is very manageable and easy to use, doubles as a 6 lb stand weight and means the head is actually less than a pound!!  The power is controlled by the pack so if your light is high in the air, it’s easy to adjust from ground level. If you want to get really fancy (totally recommended) get the controller and you can control the light from your camera as well as fire your strobe. 😀   With the included diffuser, it’s crazy small and can easily fit in to most gear bags.  the battery is about 6″ wide, x8″ tall and 3.5 thick, and the light is 3″ deep and 5″ diameter.  The cord wraps around the head taking up no additional room in your bag.  Sweet right!  The head itself weighs less than a speed light but the power is roughly 3 stops brighter!  To sweeten the deal, they also sell an Octabox that is truly perfect for this light.  It’s light, low profile and scientifically made for the Elinchrom lights.  Some technical stuff about angles and all that fun stuff!  LOL  Well I’m pretty technical and that was way over my head.  Bottom line is it’s true… Real world difference.  I compared the Rotalux 39″ OB to a 30″ Lasolite EZ Box (roughly the same side to side dimensions and one of my favorite light modifiers) and there was a difference! Albeit minimal, it was there.   The images below are one’s I shot of my son as a test to see how this thing would stand up to the sun at the worst time of day!  Open field, 1:30 sun NO clouds Pretty tough!  You can see in the images the shadow from the fence that the sun is a little to the right and behind.  There is a test shot to show how dark he is without the light below.  I was underexposing the ambient by about 2/3 stop and blown away that this little light was putting out this much light!  The OB was on a boom and about 3-4 Feet from him.  Far enough to get full frame shots at around 50-60mm.  I’ll post the exact exposures below as a reference.  Well, hope you all found this interesting at least…  Bottom line for me although it was a pretty expensive set it is worth it to me. 😀   I was using an Alien Bee 1600 with soft box or Beauty dish and their battery pack.  Quite a bit larger for sure and not as refined.  The AB head is clunky and controlled by the actual unit so if the light stand was high, I would have to bring it down.  I also never had an assistant hold it because of the weight.  The Quadra with the OB on it is very easy to hold!  I’ve done it for 2 hrs so I know!  For me the extra $1800 is worth it.  I feel that it makes me more nimble and produces a better quality image so win win for me!!  Hope all you techies that read this blog enjoy this one.  And if your not a techie, jut look how adorable my son is!  LOL!  Thanks!  G.
Elinchrom Quadra Test - Gary Nevitt Photography-1053

56mm (24-70 2.8) –  Nikon D800 – 1/200 F14 100 iso


Elinchrom Quadra Test - Gary Nevitt Photography-1052

56mm (24-70 2.8) –  Nikon D800 – 1/160 F14 100 iso

Elinchrom Quadra Test - Gary Nevitt Photography-1051

32mm (24-70 2.8) –  Nikon D800 – 1/250 F14 100 iso        /       65mm (24-70 2.8) –  Nikon D800 – 1/160 F14 100 iso

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